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WD Young Palm Trees

Since 1973, W.D. Young Palm Trees is a dynamic and successful company with considerable knowledge and experience in the landscaping industry. As a family-owned and operated business, based out of Indio, California, we are continuously growing and serving the local community as well as other locations nationwide with top notch customer service and premium quality palm trees. 

Our Best Sellers

  • Date Palms

    Phoenix Dactylifera

    Cultivated for its sweet edible fruits, the Deglet-Noor, Medjool, Barhi and Zahidi. The Date Palm is one of three economically important fruit crops in the palm family.

  • Mexican Fan Palms

    Washingtonia Robusta

    Mexican fan palms are attractive tall trees with wide, fanning, dark green leaves. They are especially good in landscapes or along roadways where they are free to grow to their full height (80 - 100 ft).

  • California Fan Palms

    Washingtonia Filifera

    Native to Western North America, the California Fan Palm grows 20 to 60 feet high. The fan palm has numerous evergreen leaves, composed of leaf stalks, 3 to 5 feet long, with hooked spines along the edges.

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WD Young Palm Trees  is a 47 year old company that prides itself on selling, delivering, and installing beautiful palm trees for residential and commercial landscapes.

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81910 Arus Avenue

Indio, CA 92201

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